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Jessika Sedén
Your personal coach
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To children and teenagers!
Being young today is not easy and we need to be there to help you build your platform so you can be strong in your self-image.
There are certain things in life that can make us doubt ourselves.
Today, many people are fighting with bad or non-existent self-esteem, they have high demands on themselves, they feel stressed for not finding their place in the class or in the group - or maybe they ask themselves:
Who am I?
What do I want?
Where am I heading?
What goals do I have?
Do I dare take that step?
What do I need to get there?
How do I find my way back to joy and motivation?

A COACH is there to listen and ask questions, give you exercises and other requirements than teachers and parents do. If you really want to do something, set your goal and drive on - whatever happens - I know you can!
As a parent, do you recognize yourself or your child/teenager?
Being a child or teenager today is not easy and we need to be there to help the youths of today to build their own platforms, create and strengthen their self-image. As a parent or a close adult, using a coach/mental coach can give you a break and time to find new approaches and perspectives on how to proceed.

I use to say; Take a ride with your helicopter, see what's going on down there and get a different angle to it all ...see things from a different perspective!

Perhaps it would be easier for you as a parent to get someone else talk to, to exchange ideas and thoughts with?
Im here for you!
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