KEEP EXPLORING WITH COACHING. Jessika Sedén - Your personal coach
Jessika Sedén
Your personal coach
Have you come to a time in your life when it feels like you're getting nowhere?
Then it's time to find out what you really want and how to get there!
Or, maybe you are ‘in between’, and might need a sounding board/mentor that can help you find your tools for strengthening your role.
Identifying and setting your goals, mapping competence areas, and creating an achievable action plan are included in the concept.
Would you love to make a change? What would you like tomorrow to look like?
Are you looking for work for the first time or are you considering changing jobs? Do you need someone to support you on your way to a new job?
You stand at the helm and I, as your job coach, am happy to guide you!

If you´re looking for a job, I can help you to:
  • find your strengths and abilities
  • create your CV and personal letters or pinpoint them
  • train interview methods
  • practice your unique self presentation
  • train marketing yourself and find your own unique brand
  • develop and work with your network
  • strengthen your confidence
Welcome to contact me!